BlueZone 7.1

BlueZone is a robust, terminal emulation application suite
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BlueZone is a robust, terminal emulation application suite providing both traditional desktop and two-tier web-to-host, web browser access to backend systems.
- Dramatic Cost Savings - Organizations all over the world are saving over 50% to 90% on annual maintenance costs by switching to BlueZone terminal emulator. Unlike other terminal emulator software, BlueZone supports both Web-to-host and desktop users in one product. Customers are free to choose the deployment option that best fits their terminal emulator needs at no additional cost.
- Simple Licensing - Licensing is available per seat, concurrent, or enterprise. Deploy desktop, web-to-host, or a combination… whatever makes the most sense for your environment.
- Easy Replacement - Whether you are converting 100 or 100,000 users, BlueZone Software has the necessary tools and expertise. Using our tools and best practices, develop a deployment and conversion strategy to quickly and easily reach your goal.
- Painless Terminal Emulation Deployment - BlueZone is automatically deployed to users via a Web link — eliminating time-consuming desk-to-desk installation. It couldn’t be simpler to deploy, no matter how many thousands of users you’re supporting.
- Robust Feature Set - It is critical for users to continue using the features they are accustomed to. BlueZone’s success replacing terminal emulators for thousands of companies is a testament to its robust feature set. BlueZone has all of the features you need.
- Secure Solution - BlueZone’s terminal emulation sessions and FTP sessions can be encrypted via SSL and authenticated via digital certificates. UNIX and FTP sessions also support SSH V 2.
- Comprehensive SDK - BlueZone’s APIs, scripting/macro environments, and COM make automating and modernizing legacy applications a snap. Compatible APIs and objects ease the conversion effort, providing faster ROI in a highly integrated environment.

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